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General - 04.01.23

The City Eleusinion

If the Athenians excelled at something, it was the introduction of new cults in Athens and their tra…

General - 19.12.22

The Orphic Hymn to Demeter

The Hymn to Demeter is a typical example of the basic structure of Orphic poems. In contrast to the …

General - 13.12.22

The Thriasian Plain

For those heading to Eleusis, the Thriasian Plain stretches to the right of the Sacred Way. It is a …

General - 28.11.22

The Lesser Propylaea

The northern entrance of the precinct has always been the main access point to the sanctuary of Deme…

General - 21.11.22


When Demeter arrived at the palace of Celeus, her hosts offered red wine. This was considered the qu…