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Who stole the “deiknymena”?

It is the 20th of Boedromion in the year 160 CE. It's late at night, following the celebration of the arrival of the initiates from Athens to Eleusis at the Demeter and Kore sanctuary. Claudius the Phaidyntes, the man in charge of caring for and repairing the gods' statues, is discovered dead at the Kallichoron well. The assailant has stolen his key to the Anaktoron, which houses the sacred objects used in the initiation ceremony. This is a critical moment. The celebration will be called off if the deiknymena, or sacred objects, are not found in time. Will this mystery be solved? If that's the case, who's to blame? And why did they want to annihilate such an ancient and prestigious occasion?

myEleusis.PS provides a digital experience in which anyone can witness a thrilling whodunit in ancient Eleusis from the perspective of one of the five characters involved. Players discover who their alter ego is by taking a short quiz: Alexis, the young Eleusinian aspiring poet; Lydia, the beautiful Athenian daughter of a migrant who arrived in Eleusis to be initiated; Dionysios, the middle-aged Athenian who arrived in Eleusis for personal reasons and to be initiated; Pausanias, the famous traveller; or Claudius, the phaedyntes.

myEleusis. PS's interactive nature allows players to make decisions for the characters and shape the plot. Players will encounter exciting dilemmas, fascinating surprises, and captivating plot twists while attempting to answer the question "who stole the deiknymena?"


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