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Learning Eleusis while playing; the app's main characteristics


General description

myEleusis.GA is a playful navigation application at the archaeological site of Eleusis developed by Communications & Information Technologies Experts S.A. (CITE) for myEleusis. myEleusis.GA infuses the navigation experience within the archaeological site of Eleusis with the concept of Gamification. Gamification is a concept that is applied in many areas and appends game features to a process without necessarily being a game. The use of various riddles (multiple-choice, image puzzles, etc.) concerning the archaeological site of Eleusis in combination with a leaderboard signifies the involvement of gamification in myEleusis.GA. This synthesis keeps visitors engaged, providing at the same time rewards for their performance in the riddles concerning the archaeological site of Eleusis.

For the implementation of myEleusis.GA, developers utilized cross-platform technologies, meaning that the end result can be used in various platforms (iOS, Android, etc.), with minimal alterations in terms of visual aesthetics, “feel” of the application, and the end-user experience. More specifically, myEleusis.GA has been implemented in React Native.


The flow of the game

The game of myEleusis takes place in the archaeological site of Eleusis. When users enter the application, a map is displayed showing their location and the points of interest (POIs) that they are invited to visit. When a POI is selected, a pop-up window emerges giving a brief description of it (what it is, if there are puzzles to solve, etc). By selecting this pop-up users are users transferred to a new screen where Demeter narrates a brief story regarding the current POI.

At this stage, users can either learn more about the specific POI, by being transferred to a new screen that provides further information about it (images, 3D illustrations, etc.), or they can proceed and, after having read the narration of Demeter, they can solve the riddle created for this specific location (if there is one). After completing their “stay” at the POI, meaning after having read the narration and solved the puzzle, new POIs are unlocked giving users the ability to visit them and repeat.

There are POIs that are necessary for the continuation of the game as well as POIs that are merely informative and their completion does not affect the flow of the game.

When users have successfully “visited” the necessary POIs of the game, a corresponding reward message is displayed.


Additional features

Users have the option to log in to the app. This feature ensures that the game progress is saved and can be easily transferred to other devices. Furthermore, the application provides a leaderboard, which users can access, monitor their progress in the game, and compare it to that of other users.