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Three gods in Eleusis

The team from the "Athena" Research Center presented the design, content, and architecture of the serious game "Three gods in Eleusis" in a paper presented at the PCI2021 conference.

Using WebGL technology, the application is accessible via mobile devices and web browsers. The game's content is based on the myth of Persephone and the ancient objects displayed at Eleusis archaeological museum that are related to the myth and the history of the area. The "Athena" RC team designed the system after conducting extensive research on the style, content, and desired user experience so that the application is effective in terms of knowledge transfer.

Researchers decided on the ancient objects that would be displayed within the game, the excerpts from the myth that would accompany each step, and the overall structure of the game's digital environment based on historical and spatial analysis and the defined target groups.

Researchers focused on 3D representations, audiovisual experience, content personalization, scenarios, and user interactions when developing the game. The game takes place in a virtual environment that resembles an archaeological museum. They can choose the game's language and how they are introduced to the myth of Persephone's abduction (who and how narrates the myth). The myth is approached by one of the three protagonists in three different scenarios (Persephone, Demeter and Pluto). Users in the game encounter seven points of interest, each of which contains a different excerpt from the myth and documentation material. The myth narration is provided gradually throughout the game, revealing its connection to historical events, locations, and discoveries.


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Athena Research and Innovation Center - Xanthi's Division

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