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The main characteristics of myEleusis.VM and its unique possibilities!

The virtual museum, developed for myEleusis by the “Athena” Research Centre, is a unique and innovative system that will provide users with various possibilities. The main quality that resides in the experience provided to both visitors and curators of the virtual museum is dynamicity

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of myEleusis.VM that makes it user-friendly and will offer its users and exhibition curators unique possibilities:

To begin with, myEleusis.VM is a cross-platform system, which means that the system runs smoothly no matter the operating system as it is developed based on WebGL technologies through a game engine. What’s more, myEleusis.VM is a multilingual system and its exhibitors will be able to choose in which language the content will be presented.  

As for the exhibition material, myEleusis.VM supports dynamic content (Image 1.), offering exhibitors the possibility to upload various content (text, images, videos etc.) that is immediately transferred within the virtual environment of the museum. The content is easily adjustable to cover the needs of the exhibitor, regarding, for example, the target audience. That means that the content is personalised. Nevertheless, it is also reviewed by field experts before being published. The content review ensures the validity of the content of every exhibition within myEleusis.VM.

Image 1. Real-time Dynamic Content

Finally, myEleusis.VM developers make sure that the system is user-friendly, offering a variety of dynamic content management tools in an environment designed for those not particularly experienced with ICT technologies. In the same context, users, through a dynamic multimedia management toolbox (as first-person user), will be able to customize the final presentation of the exhibits (their placement, their dimensions etc.) within their 3D virtual exhibitions, defining as much as possible the outcome (Image 2). 

Image 2. Dynamic multimedia management

In the following image, we see the basic structure of myEleusis.VM (Image 3.):