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Architecture & Technologies

myEleusis.GA is a playful navigation application at the Archaeological Site of Eleusis developed by Communications & Information Technologies Experts S.A. (CITE) for myEleusis project. Modern programming languages ​​and technologies have been used for the development of myEleusis.GA, and the architectural method of microservices has been followed. This option creates a modular system, capable of providing high availability and scalability.

The architecture of myEleusis.GA is presented below:



Starting with data storage, this is done in RDMS (MSSQL Server) for authentication/user information, and in NoSQL Store (MongoDB) for game data. The media of the games are stored in a local filesystem.

Then, the Backend services consist of the Authentication, Notification, User Management and Business Logic services. Communication between these services is achieved using a queue (RabbitMQ). All backend services offer REST API for their use by end-users. The development of Backend services has been implemented using the C # programming language and the ASP.NET CORE framework.

Finally, myEleusis.GA has two user interfaces; a mobile app for the game players and a web app for game creators. The React Native framework and the TypeScript programming language are used to develop the mobile application. The application will be available on Android and iOS operating systems. The Angular framework and the TypeScript programming language are used to develop the web management application.