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Story player - a digital storytelling software for myEleusis.PS

The myEleusis.PS digital experience will be available through the Story Player interactive digital storytelling software, developed by the “Athena” Research Center Narralive team. 

An “Interactive” narrative enables the audience to affect the development of the plot through its choices and actions. The software provides the ability to create plot branches and to define eligibility conditions. The user’s ability to determine the development of the narrative leads to a personalized experience. The system makes available or conceals branches based on the user’s selection history.

The creation of digital narratives is done through Story Maker, a tool for creating interactive narrative experiences. It provides support for every stage of the creation process, from the conception of an idea to producing the complete experience that is ready for presentation to the public. The types of screens available for creating interactive digital storytelling facilitate the display of audiovisual content and the generation of interactive activities. For example, users can explore the content (e.g. an interactive image) or take quizzes. It also supports the creation of open-ended question screens with the ability to select predefined answers and the introduction of text by the user.

The Story Maker provides various menu types to present users with varying paths of the plot. It also can make additional informational content available if this is desirable.

Story Player is available in a web-based version and through a native mobile app for Android devices.