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Discovering the treasures of Eleusis' archaeological museum digitally: myEleusis.VM users

myEleusis' virtual museum is primarily aimed at three user groups.

Browsing the virtual museum:

Visitors to myEleusis can browse the 3D exhibits of the Eleusis archaeological museum. They can learn about and inspect the documentation data for the exhibits. The virtual museum may also host a variety of personalised exhibitions (2D images) aimed at a variety of target audiences. Eleusis' archaeological museum experts can design and curate them.

Educational approach:

myEleusis' virtual museum is a dynamic system that allows users to create new exhibitions (with 2D images) based on specific educational thematic areas. Users can then playfully carry out educational scenarios. This aspect of the system allows for the creation of educational content.

Scientific approach:

myEleusis.VM employs a dynamic tool to study 3D objects. It is thus aimed at researchers, a more demanding audience that wants to explore the museum's exhibits using cutting-edge technology.

The virtual museum's development is complete, and the system is now in the final stages of evaluation for the finishing touches that will result in the final product.


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