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Fitting the Eleusinian Mysteries into a single website

Could the Eleusinian Mysteries be contained on a single website? Yes, and we know because we're making it happen! myEleusis.web aspires to include everything we know about the Eleusinian cult, archaeological discoveries, myth, and everything discovered, written, and created about the greatest Mysteries of antiquity. In addition, the website will provide access to the subsystems and applications that are currently being developed within myEleusis.

The possibilities provided by technology are vast and expanding by the minute. We hope to find a tasteful and practical way to display the admittedly very rich content on myEleusis.web.

The cultural production and management company MENTOR, which is in charge of the development of myEleusis.web, has collaborated with talented web designers and developers to find the key to unlocking the mysteries. Future visitors to the Eleusis archaeological site and museum will have access to all of the project's content and will be able to log in to the apps developed for myEleusis to play, discover, and explore. For those who live far away from Eleusis, an internet connection will provide a unique experience of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

If the recent past has taught us anything, it is that cultural institutions, museums, and cultural heritage sites must now not only establish an online presence but also provide abundant content and online experiences that are comparable to on-site experiences. A well-designed online visit to cultural sites or spaces removes several limitations and restrictions imposed on both the audience and the institutions in terms of time (operating hours), space (anyone can be a potential visitor regardless of where they are on the planet), and information display (there is only so much information that can be offered during a traditional visit to a museum or archaeological site, but there is no limit to how much can be posted online, without making it tedious for the audience).

Taking everything into consideration, myEleusis.web seeks to enhance the visitor experience before, during, and after their visit to the Eleusis archaeological site and museum. Thus, they can find any information that may be useful beforehand, and then, during the visit, they can explore the archaeological site and museum of Eleusis using the apps designed for the project, while afterwards they can return to their experience and search for additional information about the history and archaeological findings. At the same time, for those remotely accessing the Eleusis archaeological site and museum via myEleusis, what is provided is the next best thing to a "real" visitor experience on-site.


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