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myEleusis.GA – Hunting Knowledge

myEleusis.GA is a playful navigation application at the archaeological site of Eleusis developed by Communications & Information Technologies Experts SA. (CITE). It is an alternative to the well-known treasure hunt game, in a mobile device based version. While playing this game, users will be able to follow a path “paved" with information that requires learning, observing, and even asking questions, to unlock the next steps of the game.

Information and details of areas of interest that may often be overlooked are now highlighted by focusing the user's attention on them. By emphasizing specific information, the user completes the game gaining knowledge that he did not possess before about the place, its history, use and traditions. Giving a different tone to the site visit, the user is invited to observe, in a different way, details that may be useful in the evolution of the game, making site browsing a fun and interactive search experience. Also, following the game path, the users visit specific places that they probably wouldn’t while on a traditional visit, learning at the same time about them, observing them, and creating memories since they now act as the means for achieving a goal, the completion of the game. All of the above are planned in a playful way, approaching physical spots (location), answering questions, looking for information at fixed spots (texts or QR codes). Finally, completing the cycle of a game may act as an achievement for the player, by participating in a winners ranking.

For the implementation of myEleusis.GA game at the archaeological site of Eleusis, we have implemented a management tool that enables us to set parameters within the game as well as to create different games depending on certain variables such as the target audience, duration, accessibility, areas of Interest, thematic areas, etc.