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The heroes of the myth guide us through Eleusis' treasures

“Three Gods in Eleusis”, a serious game developed for myEleusis by the "Athena" Research Centre, turns players into digital visitors of the sanctuary of Demeter and Kore, as well as the archaeological site and the museum of Eleusis. 

Players will select one of the three protagonists of the myth of Persephone's abduction (Demeter, Persephone, or Pluto) to guide them through the mystery's unravelling, while each character narrates the myth from their point of view.

Each character activates a unique geospatial route and scenario, revealing seven points of interest within the three-dimensional virtual world of the Eleusis Museum.

Each point is appropriately placed within the virtual environment, and when visited, information about a specific digitised object (2D or 3D) chosen from the archaeological treasures of the Eleusis sanctuary becomes available. The documentation material of the object appearing in text is referred to as information. Simultaneously, myth narration is audio reproduced.

The game has reached the point where the 3D digitization of the selected objects and their placement within the virtual environment have been completed. For some of them, their virtual museum placement corresponds to their physical museum placement. Overall, myEleusis.SG is nearing completion, with the myth narration completed and documentation material embedded in points of interest based on each character's scenario/route.


Researched and written by: "Athena" Research Center

Edited by: MENTOR