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Cultural heritage on the web

In recent decades, new technologies have been more and more applied in every aspect of our daily lives. The sciences - the hard ones as well as the humanities - have not remained unaffected. 

The field of cultural heritage includes tangible and intangible heritage and is one of the fields where the application of technological practices serves a variety of purposes. Research, documentation, preservation and reconstruction of cultural heritage objects or monuments are crucial to cultural heritage management. The utilization of the possibilities offered by technology may contribute to significant results. State-of-the-art technology offers new ways of informing the general public, highlighting important findings and disseminating the produced knowledge directly, more efficiently and to a much larger extent. Thus, we hardly ever find museums or cultural spaces without an online presence.

Understanding the opportunities and prospects offered by the use of new technologies in the field of cultural heritage, myEleusis.Web, the website implemented within myEleusis project, aspires to offer a complete online experience of visiting the archaeological site and museum of Eleusis. The website brings together the digital material collected and the digital applications created within the project.

By visiting myEleusis.Web one may get in touch with a variety of archaeological items, and texts. In addition, the website will host a virtual museum, a digital repository and a set of interactive applications such as a digital map, augmented reality application, gamification applications and educational activities. myEleusis.Web will be a complete guide for anyone wishing to visit the archaeological site of Eleusis or to follow the path of the ancient initiates during the Eleusinian Mysteries from afar. myEleusis.Web will guide potential visitors to plan their visit in advance, providing the necessary information; during the visit, users will have access to interactive applications for educational or recreational purposes; following their visit myEleusis.Web shall also provide additional information,  to those who have experienced the first "initiation" in situ, looking to revert to specific and thorough information or to revoke memories from their encounter.