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An interactive digital experience in ancient Eleusis

The myEleusis.PS digital experience, developed by the Narralive team of the “Athena” Research Center, takes place in ancient Eleusis in 160 CE. The story begins on the night of the arrival of the Sacred Procession from Athens, when the “phaidyntes” (burnisher) of the sanctuary, that is, the official who is responsible for cleaning the statues of the deities, is found with a severe head industry. Very soon it becomes clear that the perpetrator has taken the keys of the Telesterion and has stolen the “deiknymena” i.e. the sacred objects necessary for the conduct of the ceremony. Pausanias, the famous traveler of the second century CE, undertakes to solve the mystery with the help of a young Eleusinian, Alexis.

Initially, the user takes a short quiz, which assigns him or her one of the five main characters of the story: the traveler Pausanias, Alexis, the young Lydia, the middle-aged Dionysios and his friend Claudius, the phaidyntes of the sanctuary. Through the eyes of the character, the user watches the story, which takes place in seven episodes, each of which corresponds to a specific monument of the archaeological site. During the experience, the user is asked to make selections that affect the development of the story.

In addition to the “Mystery Story in Ancient Eleusis,” the application offers a second, shorter, experience associated with the removal of an ancient statue in 1801 by Edward Clark. In addition, the user has access to information that explains possible questions e.g. who was the phaidyntes or the Telesterion, who was Pausanias, etc.

The myEleusis.PS digital application draws inspiration from monuments, historical events, and people and uses fiction to deliver pertinent information as effortlessly as possible. The aim is to engage the user emotionally so he or she can identify with the people who lived in ancient Eleusis, their needs, desires, habits, and different perspectives. The goal is to transform the connection to the history and archaeological site of Eleusis from the level of simple knowledge into a deeper, multilevel, and rich experience.