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The architecture of the digital repository myEleusis.Repo

The digital repository, myEleusis.Repo, was designed by the “Athena” Research Centre team in Xanthi. It is implemented by Kostas Stavroglou, head of the ΙΤ Department (Xanthi branch), and scientific associate Markos Dimitsas, with the assistance of the archaeologists of “Athena” RC in Xanthi and the Ephorate of Antiquities of West Attica. From a tech standpoint, the programming languages used are PHP, JQuery and JavaScript, MySQL CE relational database management system (DBMS), and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) technology.

The repository consists of three subsystems:

  1. A database which includes all information about monuments (as they are analyzed below) and users that are granted access,and their respective levels of access.
  2. A web based content management system, where inserting, editing or deleting content takes place (repository back-end),
  3. A web presentation of the aforementioned information on monuments and their metadata (repository front-end).

In addition, the repository provides functions of content sharing with other repositories by using credentials.

Both the content and the repository environment are multilingual (Greek and English).

Only users with high level access can enter the repository content management subsystem, i.e. the users that have access to create and edit the content. . The repository content management subsystem facilitates users to manage information such as:

  • documentation forms of the moveable and immovable monuments found in the archaeological site and Museum of Eleusis and their respective metadata,
  • archaeological bibliography and its metadata,
  • multimedia material (designs, photos, videos and 3D models) of the moveable and immovable monuments as well as their metadata.

The documentation information that must be inserted is: a title for each monument, a unique index number, a category where it belongs, material, a dating and a short description. 

Furthermore, other subsystems of myEleusis can be connected, depending on the needs of the Ephorate of Antiquities of West Attica (content sharing operation).

Finally, the presentation of all of the above information is given in such a comprehensive way that combined with multimedia material, such as photos, designs and various search, extraction, and other tools, facilitates both archaeologists and a wider audience in their gathering of information.