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Educational Activities

Educational Activities - 27.03.22

Three gods in Eleusis

The team from the "Athena" Research Center presented the design, content, and architecture of the se…

Educational Activities - 20.03.22

Who stole the “deiknymena”?

It is the 20th of Boedromion in the year 160 CE. It's late at night, following the celebration of th…

Educational Activities - 30.01.22

The heroes of the myth guide us through Eleusis' treasures

“Three Gods in Eleusis”, a serious game developed for myEleusis by the "Athena" Research Centre, tur…

Educational Activities - 06.12.21

Discovery Learning with myEleusis.SG

Within the myEleusis.SG subsystem, the team of the “Athena” Research Centre (researchers specializin…

Educational Activities - 28.11.2021

An interactive digital experience in ancient Eleusis

The myEleusis.PS digital experience, developed by the Narralive team of the “Athena” Research Center…