Scope and Objectives

The project partners have years of experience in their respective fields of expertise and are fully qualified to achieve its goals, i.e.: 

  1. Offer a broad range of interpretative tools to enable visitors to comprehend and appreciate the sanctuary as home to the Eleusinian Mysteries, the archetype of ancient Mystery cults. These tools and accompanying activities function as stages of initiation; the visitor enters the site as an ignorant pilgrim and exits as an enlightened initiate.
  2. Identify logistical requirements and design and development specifications of myEleusis and its subsystems to ensure its sustainability and expedite any future enrichment. 

  3. Develop the following subsystems: 
  1. myEleusis.AR: Augmented reality for the digital restoration of ancient monuments revives the archaeological site and restores the sanctuary in all its glory. The app will be accessible on-site and remotely. (AUGMENTED REALITY)
  2. myEleusis.VM: A virtual museum to promote the actual archaeological museum through tailor-made digital exhibitions with dynamic content. (VIRTUAL MUSEUM)
  3. myEleusis.Web: The archaeological site’s online presence, replete with customized digital resources (3D/2D models, artefacts etc.). (WEBSITE)
  4. myEleusis.Map: An interactive digital map of the Sacred Way. Experience the thrill of the Greater Mysteries procession and discover the stories behind the landmarks along the route. The map will be accessible online. (INTERACTIVE MAPS).
  5. myEleusis.Repo: A digital resource repository introduces the archaeological site and serves as a tool to help users comprehend the sanctuary’s layout and purpose. (DIGITAL REPOSITORY)
  6. myEleusis.PS: A storytelling-based approach to personalized interactive digital experiences. Innovative tools (e.g. 3D sound) supplement and enrich the narrative, while location technologies present the content to the user on-demand or automatically. (DIGITAL TOUR)
  7. myEleusis.GA: Games for mobile devices (either stand-alone or combined with myEleusis.PS). Available during the visit to the archaeological site. (GAMIFICATION)
  8. myEleusis.SG: An educational app based on serious games technology offering an alternative approach and perspective to the archaeological museum. (EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES) 


  1. Transfer pertinent technical know-how to the Ephorate of Antiquities and instal the equipment for the use and expansion of these systems (exhibit enrichment, new narratives). 

myEleusis will introduce visitors to the history, mythology, and religious festivals of ancient Eleusis. A set of new technologies and original tour scripts (inspired by historical events) will fine-tune the available material to each target group of visitors. They will also allow myEleusis to achieve its ambitious educational and scientific goals and contribute to the broader region’s sustainable development.