myEleusis is a comprehensive introduction to a religious phenomenon that dominated the ancient Mediterranean for centuries. The Eleusinian Mysteries was a cult that individuals voluntarily selected in search of hope for a better lot in the afterlife. Their origins are obscure, but their influence was formidable, and the evidence survives in the sanctuary of Demeter and Kore at Eleusis. 

The project will develop subsystems and applications whose principal aspiration is to make visitors conversant with the origin and evolution of the Mysteries and the archaeological site of Eleusis. These interactive and innovative tools usher into a type of synergy between classical heritage and contemporary visitors.

The removal of cognitive-spatial barriers with the help of the myEleusis subsystems and the enrichment of the experience with digital resources (3D digital copies, digital restorations) will capture the attention of experts and the general public alike.

myEleusis takes advantage of the unique features of the sanctuary and the archaeological museum of Eleusis to enrich the visitors’ experience and help them comprehend the site.  Furthermore, it gradually (before, during and after the visit) initiates users to its mythological, topographic, archaeological and historical aspects with digital resources and an experiential approach.

Integrated narrative experiences reveal the site’s uniqueness and significance. The goal is to arouse the users’ interest and curiosity and encourage them to visit the archaeological site and engage with ancient Eleusis. Adopting the latest technologies to present the results of decades of archaeological research offers a novel touring experience of a multifaceted and fascinating site.

The project will serve as indisputable proof of the partners’ commitment to the principles of interdisciplinarity, authenticity, innovation, and community service. Eleusis possesses a global value, and myEleusis craves to initiate the public to its Mysteries.